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our techniques


The insertion of needles into muscle tissue to increase range of motion and reduce pain.

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Manual hands-on therapy applied to balance muscle/soft tissue length, tension, tone which will, in turn, promote the return to normal joint/capsular/bone position an increase the flow of blood and lymph


Mobilisation of the joints involves passive joint movements within the control of the patient and within the range of joint. We DO NOT perform Chiropractic type "adjustments"

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The use of electronic pulse therapy to manage pain, aid repair of injured muscles and increase muscle strength

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The significant difference between sports massage and other forms of remedial massage is the shift away from solely treating pain and other symptoms, towards improving performance

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Treatment may combine exercises to build strength and range of motion with pain-relieving techniques. It helps reduce pain in joints and/or muscles. 

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Taping is used as one of the means of rehabilitation for the prevention of injury and protection of an injured anatomical structure while healing is taking place.


Increases range of motion and mobility by combining the tradition form of cupping with functional movement.

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Our goal is not just to help you relieve symptoms, but to identify & discuss options for removing the factors that are contributing to the cause of your condition.

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