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functional taping

Taping involves the application of various types and widths of tape to restrict the range of movement in joints. While the benefits of traditional rigid taping remain today and are widely practised the world over, developments in the forms of tape now available open new and exciting opportunities for taping as a method of not only injury management and prevention but in muscle training. 


Modern alternative tapes possess the same flexibility as human skin and are incredibly light, mild and hypoallergenic latex-free. They contain patterns and textures manufactured to make them waterproof and yet still breathable. The primary benefit of these advancements is that they can now remain in place safely for 4-6 days.

activity and lifestyle modification and
pain management education

Our goal in not just to help you relieve symptoms, but to identify and discuss options for removing the factors that are contributing to the cause of your condition. We will discuss your day-to-day activities and identify ways to form new "healthy habits"to remove or reduce overloading of the tissues.

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