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Statistics provided by Sports medicine Australia Running Fact Sheet.

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Running for fitness and health as well as competitive running competitively.


According to Sports Medicine Australia:

Up to 70% of recreational and competitive runners sustain overuse injuries during any 12 months.



  • Overuse injuries can occur from training errors (running frequency, duration, distance, speed and lack of leg strength and flexibility) and inappropriate surfaces, terrain and footwear.


  • Overuse injuries, as a result of training errors, are more common than acute injuries such as ligament and muscle sprains and strains.


  • The most common overuse injuries are patellofemoral pain syndrome (runner’s knee), iliotibial band friction syndrome, plantar fasciitis, meniscal injuries, tibial stress syndrome and patellar tendinopathy.


Many of these injuries can develop due to the repetitive nature of running. A slight imbalance between muscles of the hips, for instance, may not make a huge difference in your typical daily life. But, when running, where we repeat that same stride time and time again while loading the hip with an equivalent of up to 5 times the upper body weight, injuries may develop.


To help you through either a transition into running for the first time or returning to running, we can offer you a comprehensive assessment via several evidenced-based methods.


MAT assessment - focus on areas of flexibility, balance and movement that identify whether you are at risk to sustain an injury.



5 point return to running assessment - you will undergo a system of testing to identify strength discrepancies.




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