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When shouldn't I get a massage

When shouldn't I receive a treatment?


There are only a couple of reasons that should stop you from receiving a type of manual therapy. 

We will not be able to provide services if you are suffering from fever of any kind, cold or flu, contagious skin conditions, infectious disease or if you have any underlying health condition that may be adversely affected. It is best to raise any question you have in this regard with your therapist.



Do I need a referral to see a Myotherapist?


A referral is not required to see a Myotherapist unless you are receiving treatment in relation to a Workcover claim. If this is the case, please get i touch with my by phone on 0435 714 833 prior to your appointment to discuss.

If you are referred by your doctor or any other health care provider, please let me know so that I can keep them informed of your progress.



What should I expect on my first myotherapy therapy visit?


Firstly you will be asked to complete a detailed client history form. Taking into account your responses, you will be asked some questions relating to your area of concern, which areas you would like treated etc. A detailed assessment will then be undertaken to ensure that not only the symptoms but the root cause of the problem is identified and treated. This may take some time to complete. A treatment plan will then be formulated between you and the therapist. Once you have agreed to the plan, treatment can commence. Please keep in mind though that Myotherapy is not massage; it is a combination of therapies designed to improve your injury/condition.


New clients should preferably arrive 5 minutes before their appointment to allow time to complete their medical history form.



Can I bring someone with me to the appointment?


Under normal circumstances, the answer has always been YES, of course you can. Unfortunately, under the current climate of COVID-19 social distancing dictates that NO, you can't unless you are the 1 adult accompanying a child under 16 .


NOTE: All minors (under the age of 16) must be accompanied by an adult for the full duration of the treatment. 



What if I am embarrassed about my body?


Myotherapists hear this all the time. "I would love a massage, but first I need to lose a few kilos" or " I can't inflict this body on any therapist". Please don't let this stop you from finding relief from pain and restrictions. Myotherapists are professionals and have seen and treated all sorts of different body types, regardless of age, weight, or any other variable that concerns you. Our goal is to make you feel good about yourself.



What do I wear during the treatment?


Myotherapy regularly involves a combination of


 Assessment    -     Treatment    -    Re-assessment    -    Treatment    -    Re-assessment



Treatments can regularly be performed with a patient fully clothed. If your clothing permits, there may be no need to remove a pair of loose-fitting shorts to treat a leg injury, for instance. It is always preferable to wear the smallest / loose-fitting clothing you are comfortable in. This makes re-assessment and stretching a straight forward exercise. 


This being said, if the injury/conditions require the removal of clothing, the therapist will provide you with a towel and leave the room while you undress to your level of comfort, lie on the table and cover yourself with the towel. 


The therapist will then knock before re-entering the room once you are comfortably draped.  At all times, a drape will be used to cover all areas of the body that are not currently being treated. The genitals (women and men) and breasts (women) will not be uncovered at any stage. When the massage is over, the therapist will again leave the room to allow you privacy to dress.



Should I talk during a treatment?


This one is totally up to you. The therapist understands that this is the case, and the treatment is all about you, so please don't feel that there is any expectation that you make conversation during your treatment. 

That being said, though, there are times when a therapist will need to ask and have you answer questions relating to your treatment.


At any time during the treatment, you should advise your therapist if you are uncomfortable with any aspect of your experience. Please advise us if you require changes such as:

  •    room temperature

  •    background music

  •    discomfort concerning pain, pressure or any other variable.

  •    you have any questions related to the treatment

  •    any other concern you may have.



Should I tell the therapist that I am unhappy with their pressure?


YES. Pain threshold is not dependent upon gender, size, or any other stereotype and it is not possible for a therapist to guess your level of comfort based purely on your appearance. Whether the pressure is too deep or too light, you should always feel comfortable that you will not insult the therapist by asking them to adjust their pressure or even use different techniques. 


Is Myotherapy safe for pregnant women?


Absolutely, treatments can be carried out during the entirety of your pregnancy and post pregnancy. Just make sure that you let us know that you are pregnant so that we can make any adjustments required to make you and your baby comfortable. Please also let us know if you are receiving IVF treatment.



What if I'm running late for my appointment?


If you are running late, we will be happy to provide treatment for whatever portion of your appointment is still available. Unfortunately, due to our booking schedule, we will in general not be in a position to extend your appointment.

(Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page for more details.)



What if I can't make my appointment at all?


We understand that there are situations when you will not be able to keep your appointment. We only ask that you contact us, giving as much notice as possible to allow someone else to receive the treatment they require. 

(Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page for more details.)



How should I feel after my treatment?


Everyone experiencing manual therapies should leave feeling better than when they came in, however sometimes, like going to the gym or doing some new activity, it is not uncommon for the effects of massage to take 24 - 48 hours to become evident. The treatment itself may sometimes cause the injured tissue to become inflamed during the initial stages after treatment, causing additional discomfort while the tissue heals. It is important to stay hydrated after treatment by drinking lots of water. This will improve the "washed out" feeling and assist your soft tissue to heal.



What should I do after a treatment?


Follow the instructions given to you by your therapist on your treatment plan. 


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